Automatic Levels

Image Product Name Price Description
AL-32.jpg Futtura 32X Auto Level

Futtura's 32X auto level is priced lower than most other 28X levels!

AL-28.jpg Futtura 28X Auto Level Futtura brings you a 28X economy priced auto level that is compact and durable.
AL-24.jpg Futtura 24X Auto Level Futtura's 24X economy priced auto level that is compact and durable
60907.jpg Topcon AT-B2, 32X Automatic Level AT-B2 is Topcon's durable, high Precision Engineering auto level
60908.jpg Topcon AT-B3, 28X Automatic Level Topcon's AT Series 28X gives you durability and dependability with their mid-range auto level.
60909.jpg Topcon AT-B4, 24X Automatic Level Topcon's AT-B4 provides all the features you need at the price you want.
738321.jpg Sokkia B20, 40x Automatic Level The high powered engineering auto level that has a 40X eyepiece
738320.jpg Sokkia B20, 32X Automatic Level Sokkia's B20 is a proven and accurate engineering level.
738330.jpg Sokkia B30, 28x Automatic Level

Sokkia's B30 Auto Level incorporates the most precise and reliable compensators available

738340.jpg Sokkia B40, 24X Automatic Level The market- and time-proven B series automatic levels provide outstanding precision for a multitude of leveling tasks.