Prism Poles

Image Product Name Price Description
724200.jpg Sokkia Knob-Lock Prism Poles 8.5, 12, & 15 ft Knob Lock Prism Poles – Adjustable Tip (Dual Graduations)
68-3712.jpg CST 12ft Rage Pole Set Three section rage pole set with plastic coating for durability.
51780.jpg Topcon 8ft Compression Lock Pole 8ft compression or collet lock prism pole with graduations in both feet and meters
5129-52-2.jpg SECO Carbon Fiber Robotics Pole One Section Carbon Fiber Robotics Prism Pole w/Dual Graduations
5540-10.jpg SECO One-Section Ultralite Prism Pole One-Section Fiberglass TLV Prism Pole w/Adjustable Adapter & Dual Graduations
5540-20.jpg SECO Two-Section Ultralite Prism Pole Two-Section Fiberglass Prism Pole w/Adjustable Adapter  Dual Graduations
5600-10.jpg SECO One-Section Compression Lock Prism Pole One-Section Compression Lock Prism Pole w/Adjustable Adapter & Dual Graduations
724242-1.jpg Sokkia Economy Mini Stake-Out Pole

The Economy Sokkia Mini Stakeout is 1.29 ft (15 Inches) tall with point (1 ft. rod section). Includes carrying bag.

808042-1.jpg Sokkia Pro Series Mini Stake-Out Pole

Sokkia Pro Series poles are made in the USA

808043-1.jpg Sokkia adjustable Mini Stake-Out Pole

2.7-5.1 Ft adjustable Pro Series aluminum knob lock prism pole